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ACF Seminar:

The seminar is a mixed media presentation testifying to America's Godly heritage. Highlights include enlightening lecture, reanactment, compelling video clips, and inspirational patriotic music - All reflecting the heart of America.

Seminars are Free, Love offerings are appreciated for furthering this ministry.

Preview the Full Conference Format

The presentation can be tailored to your needs including focus on individual topics. Contact me for more info and presentation options.


  • America’s Providential History - Tracing our Roots
  • The Belief of the Founding Fathers in Their Own Words
  • Founding Documents: A Christian Influence
  • How is American Law Bible Based
  • Facts to Refute Popular Key Attacks on our Christian Foundation
  • Education in America from Colonial Times to Present
  • Apostasy and the Decline of Christianity in America
  • Our Responsibility & a Proposed Plan of Action

Highlights of the Conference

  • Facing the encroaching falsehoods of Progressive Revisionism
  • Has America forever lost her Godly heritage?
  • Identify biblical doctrines tied to the founding documents
  • What did it cost to "Pledge our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor"?
  • A stirring oration from one of the signers of the Declaration, Abraham Clark
  • Up close and personal look at the man who personified the founding, George Washington
  • Amazing accomplishments of Colonial Education vs the Modern Dewey System
  • Tribute to our fallen soldiers and the ultimate victory in Christ


Essential Items:

Vital knowledge to understanding our Christian Heritage

  • What was the founding fathers’ original intent regarding Separation of Church & State?
  • What is the difference between a republic and a democracy and which did our founders establish?
  • What is the difference between deism and Christianity and what effect does it have on our beliefs?
  • What is natural law (revelation vs. man’s philosophy)?
  • What were the purposes of the documents on which America was founded?
  • Was the revolt that led to the War of Independence biblical or unbiblical?


America's Christian Foundation is a top tier and timely historical presentation regarding our nation's founding documents, the personalities who crafted them, and the influences upon their lives and writings. In a day and age where context is ignored by our politically correct society which is on the verge of giving up our true rights with a "cut and paste" mentality which seriously distorts our history and rich heritage. We can waste no further time in getting our history right and educating ourselves and the next generations. The seminar gives us the background and the tools to understand and embrace our national treasure. Carl (Sandy) Clauss is an historian with over thirty years teaching experience who has an engaging presentation style which is appropriate for middle aged schoolers to senior citizens. Audiences will find themselves fully engaged, laughing, clapping, and understanding our precious national documents!. I most highly recommend this seminar! Hal Scott, pastor of the Anglican Church of the Good Shepherd, San Angelo, TX

- "Many things can be said about the importance of understanding history. But what an advantage it is to move beyond what was done to the beliefs that determined the actions of our past. This is true of nations and of individual persons. I highly recommend Sandy Clauss’ study of the history of America’s Christian Foundation. Man’s relationship or lack of relationship to God and His word is essential to the interpretation of every historical event. This is not being taught in our schools and you will have to find a source to teach the upcoming generations. You have come to the right place."

- "I wish that every Christian could experience Mr. Clauss' presentation. It would serve to rouse many adults from their spiritual slumber" - Pastor Jeff English, FBC Kyle

- "An outstanding presentation of America's true Christian Heritage and history"

- " Kudos for making our founding fathers relevent"

- "The impersonation of Abraham Clark was the most meaningful and educational, revealing history as it truly was"

- "You made the founding fathers more personal for the first time in my life"

- "The presentation was very informative, you really presented the information in a fun and flowing way"

- "My wife and I really enjoyed the seminar, we are hoping you will be coming back so that we can bring as many of our friends as possible. God Bless you"

-"We had Sandy (Carl) Clauss present America’s Christian Foundation over two consecutive Sunday evening services. His presentation was both thought-provoking and enlightening. Sandy is a skilled speaker and presenter, giving his subjects enough thoroughness to make them convincing, as well as enough breadth to keep us oriented to the greater scope of American History. He delivered his information well as an engaging speaker. His material is obviously presented from his heart by the passion that he carries for it. If we are to redeem the history of our country from those that malign and discredit it, then we need men like Sandy Clauss; and we need messages like the ones he shares that begin to dispel the lies and sordid perspectives that have been mucked up to defile our history. Our history has been diluted and perverted by men who don’t want to remember or consider the part that God, His people, His Word, and His sovereign and providential hand have played. Sandy’s presentation proves that some of the greatest men and minds of the history of our country have been passed over and discredited, and to the point of disregard and censure. They were great men. They were God-fearing men, and their marginalization because of the stand and testimony they had is a travesty. There is great encouragement in these presentations. They show God’s providence and God’s people at work in our country, and they show us that that which is of God shines forth to give Him glory. We recommend Sandy Clauss and America’s Christian Foundation to any looking for an unashamedly God-oriented and God-centered look at America’s history. James M Elliott, Associate Pastor: Fellowship Bible Church, New Braunfels, TX"