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What was America like growing up in the 1950’s? Whether you were raised in the country, the suburbs, or the city there seemed to be a common thread that was woven into the fabric of our Nation. We had just won a war that was more horrible than anyone could have imagined. We had been in a disastrous economic depression just before that and many thought that the very survival of the United States was in question. But, God brought us through those trying times and now we could rest from those tribulations. Of course there were still problems, not everyone enjoyed the freedoms that had been won at great cost. And there were new threats from a sinister former ally putting in peril the fragile peace. However, as a child, none of that occupied our time. Most of us, not lacking for food, shelter, and necessities of life, led a blissful existence. Summertime, what a wonderful time of the year! Maybe it was playing baseball with a treasured old bat found in someone’s junk pile and a barely white, green stained ball that would be caught in a glove that had been purchased with Green Stamps. Or heading for the seashore to frolic in the waves that seemed huge to our frightful eyes. Some would head for the woods, pitch a tent, build a campfire, go fishing, and just relish being in God’s Creation. With the first chill of Fall, new experiences opened up, School. While the first weeks took getting used to, (new faces, old friends from the years previous, more learning opportunities, and of course a different Instructor), everything would eventually work out fine. We hoped. After all, would this teacher be able to measure up to Mrs. Vaughn from the year before? From the start we were all relieved to see a smile and kind face shining from behind that big desk. Every day, Mrs. Manor would read to us from the Bible, then we would recite the Pledge of Allegiance, finishing with a prayer for the school day. We never thought that all of that would end in less than five years. We would celebrate Christmas by making ornaments and Christmas cards for Mom and Dad. During our music class, we would sing Christmas Carols, not just Rudolph and Frosty but actual Hymns like Silent Night, O Come All Ye Faithful. We were taught the importance and greatness of America. The sacrifice of those who had come before us, gained and preserved our freedom. The American Flag represented more than a mere cloth, much more, a symbol of a people who worshipped God and the Grace He bestowed on them. We were instructed to honor those in authority and to respect others property. Of course these principles were just reenforcing what had been taught in our homes. Those homes that contained, for the most part, a Father and Mother. And they, on Sunday, would get us out of bed, get dressed and head to Sunday Worship at God’s House. That could be intimidating, that large pipe organ belting out hymns that seemed to bounce off the brick walls and encircle us with imposing sound, or the Pastor rising up to the lectern, loomed over us to deliver the message directly from God’s Own Words. The Words of a Savior who had sacrificed His life so that we would be forgiven, imprinted in our minds that we were not alone. There existed a Creator. Someone who made all we could see, feel, taste, touch, and experience. A Being to whom we were held accountable. Yet, in all His Majesty, Loved us in spite of our failings. Just knowing that there was a God who held us accountable, kept most of us from doing things that could bring swift retribution down on our heads. Yes it was a wonderful time to grow up. Unfortunately, what we once held as sacred, began to crumble. In an effort to usher in a “new” way of living, the old had to be removed. No longer would Prayer be allowed in schools. Bible reading was forbidden and then the Bible itself was removed because it was offensive. Then, because it actually might cause children to read and obey, the !0 Commandments were taken down from school walls. From before the Founding, Christianity was the basis of all laws, societal norms, and guiding Light for life. No more. America heard a different song. This one was filled with promises that would arise, not from an ancient faith in some dead god, but from man himself. Man was the sole determiner of his fate. He could choose to follow his heart regardless of where it led. This heart would only entertain a self fulfilling path. Pleasure was the ultimate goal. The door was open. Abortion, sexual promiscuity, homosexuality, cravings for riches, and general acceptance of sin that once was considered an abomination became the norm. The memories of childhood joys, security, wonder, innocence, and reverence were replaced with despair, loneliness, broken hearts, rejection, suicides and spiritual emptiness. What a tragedy. What those of us had enjoyed in childhood, were stripped away and replaced with the hollow shell of vanity. This is the lot of a once great nation, America. No hope? Yes. But only through repentance and the renewal of a gift our Founders dearly treasured, Faith in Jesus Christ.




The Most Catastrophic Decision in American History

With the numerous decisions made in America’s history, how could there be one so decisive that it radically changed the path of the United States? After all, take a survey of incidents causing a change of course as we sailed through the rough seas of passing ages. Could it be the almost fatal decision to challenge the Greatest Sea Power the World had seen at that time? Great Britain in the War of 1812? No, we survived that fiasco by actually overcoming the burning of Washington D.C. and other humiliations, with a Treaty that boosted our standing in the world. The decision to continue slavery’s existence in a supposed free nation has to be considered for this title. Look at the suffering and destruction brought about in continuing a practice that violated our own Dec. of Ind. Slavery would also bring about the most horrible war ever to involve Americans. Yet, as terrible as this was, it does not measure up to that catastrophe we would experience later in our history. Maybe it was our involvement in WWI? While many of our brave soldiers were maimed or killed in the War to End All Wars, it falls short of our objective. If not this, then surely it has to be WWII that claimed more American lives than any war save the Civil War? If only we had learned our lesson from these past events, then we could have avoided the real disaster looming in the future. What then? Was it Economic? Diplomacy? Alliances? The development of a NUCLEAR BOMB? The year of the decision I am referring to was 1947. So it could be the entering of a Nuclear Age, Right? A definite NO. It was a decision that you will not find in schoolbooks. Nor in many college texts, other than law books. I know by now you truly believe that I am either ridiculously wrong, uninformed or insane. So what could have possibly happened in 1947 that was such a radically altering event so as to completely change who we were as liberty loving Americans? A Supreme Court decision in the case “Everson verses the Board of Education”. There it is! ?????? you say. In a statement given by Justice Hugo Black regarding the term “Separation of Church and State”. Black asserted that Jefferson’s phrase erected a “wall of separation of church and state”, thereby annulling the claim by the signers of the Declaration of Independence asserting the Primacy of our Creator over all our rights. These same rights and liberties, guaranteed in the U.S. Constitution, are not to be removed by ANY government. However, due to Black’s pronouncement, the Bill of Rights was put in jeopardy. Soon to follow were a plethora of laws limiting our Freedom of Religion. Engle vs Vitale ending prayer in school. Abington School District vs Schempp ending Bibles in schools. These would take root and inspire other removals of our rights. Since that time, humanism and secularism, have been the ruling force, falsely proclaiming that the Founders were deists and wanted a secular government. Their march to the ultimate destruction of America is unrelenting. By inserting government in the place of God, the rights that were promised and defended so earnestly by the Blood and Sacrifice of countless Americans, are no longer applicable. Freedom of Religion, removed. Freedom of Speech, removed, Freedom to assemble, PEACEFULLY, removed. Freedom of the press, curtailed. List of grievances against the government, curtailed. Right to bear arms, in the process of removing. Can any of the previous decisions measure up to this? Not one of them put America in the position to violating the basis of our Founding Principles. Everyone of the other decisions put us in opposition to man. But that Fateful Supreme Court Decree, puts us in opposition to God. The same God of Whom the founders looked to for guidance, protection, sustenance, peace, and overall well-being. This God, of the Bible, and Christianity were proclaimed in all the Founding Documents, yes even the Constitution! Generations of America recognized HIM, in their proclamations, worship, civic events, and every facet of life. Today, a large majority of that has disappeared due to false education, government interference in daily life, false religions, and, the curse of apathy. Think I am wrong? Then why have a majority of States shut down Freedom of Religion due to a virus? Why have they shut down Freedom of Assembly, unless you are preaching only government approved marxism, while burning and destroying private property? Why do they want ALL Christians and Conservatives denied Free Speech? (Not to mention removed from positions of authority and locked up?) 1947, we removed God from our society by a decision of a few men in line with one man’s declaration. NOTHING could or can be worse.




Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi administers the oath of office to members of the 117th House of Representatives on Jan. 3. (Erin Scott/AFP via Getty Images)

Faith on the Hill

The religious composition of the 117th Congress

Our History


An Appeal To Heaven Flag

By |January 11th, 2021

During the early days of the War for Independence—while the gun smoke still covered the fields at Lexington and Concord, and the cannons still echoed at Bunker Hill—America faced innumerable difficulties and a host of hard decisions. Unsurprisingly, the choice of a national flag remained unanswered for many months due to more pressing issues such as arranging a defense and forming the government..

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Founding Fathers on Prayer


Have you ever had your identity stolen, or live in fear that it might? How would you feel if someone not only destroyed your credit and life savings, but sullied your good name in the process. Take it a step further. The scoundrel did not stop there. He convinced others that you were totally different in all aspects of your life than what you claimed to be. He was able to change your history so that even those who know you start to question the validity of your claims. By the time he was done besmirching your good name, you were unable to convince anyone of the truth. What would you do? What could you do? How bedeviling a task to undo the destruction incurred by this demon of a man or men. Do you think that your life would be drastically changed? How far would you go to rectify the situation? How far would your determination take you to amend this wrong?

Hopefully this is only a shadow and not an actual scenario.  But… what if this scenario were on a grander scale and actually happening? Then what?
What if the identity of a Country was stolen? Such as America. How would one go about doing that and why? Is it possible to convince a whole country that their identity is something other than what was once believed? Well unfortunately that is exactly what has happened. The history of the United States has been rewritten, “revised” to reflect a secular humanist or progressive viewpoint. While the Founders displayed an overwhelming desire to follow the Christian values set forth in the Bible, they are now portrayed as deists and secularists. We are told that they established a secular government and erected a “wall of separation” between religion (Christianity) and government. The progressives will trot out three of the founders in particular, Jefferson, Franklin, and Payne, the three least religious founders. Sometimes they will throw in John Adams for good measure. Aside from Payne, who really was an agnostic bordering on atheist, Jefferson and Franklin still supported Christian principles in government. They both wanted the Official Seal of the United States to reflect God leading the Israelites out of Egypt, as a reflection of God leading America to a new promised land. Each of them also commented on the value of prayer, such as Franklin speaking out at the Constitutional Convention petitioning for a prayer to Providence, who guided America thru the War for Independence, to guide them in writing the Constitution. But current history books have become sanitized of anything portraying a Christian founding. Removing references in the Mayflower Compact, Fundamental Orders of Connecticut , (the first written constitution in America), The Northwest Ordinance and other founding documents. Quotes that spoke of Christ, Christianity, God, the Bible, etc. are not to be found in schoolbooks. However you will find quotes taken out of context, reworded or just made up to support the secularist view. When you visit an historic site connected with the founding more revisionism occurs.  One example is the Supreme Court Building. What was once taught as the 10 Commandments on the door leading into the building is now referred to as the 10 Amendments. When you look at the engraving, there are 2 tablets with the Roman numerals 1-5 and 6-10. Anywhere else there would be no argument as to what that represents, but not here. The National Park Service is responsible for the interpretation of all National Monuments, buildings and structures. But since the 1990’s, a concerted effort has been applied to remove, as much as possible, any mention of facts that are not in accord with the current objective.

In Universities, the titanic shift to a secular progressive presentation of American History is well documented. This in turn filters down to high schools and finally the elementary level. Teachers are instructed at the University level, to carry out, ( either consciously or not) the main objective of revisionism. America’s identity has been successfully undermined, changed, and stolen. Why? Christianity is the basis of true freedom. This was the Founders belief. As John Adams so eloquently put:   I]t is religion (Christianity) and morality alone which can establish
the principles upon which freedom can securely stand. The only foundation of
a free constitution is pure virtue.

Remove Christianity, lose freedom. Once freedom is lost, tyranny moves in. It is that simple.

    This is why America’s Christian Foundation exists. To re-awaken the values and beliefs of our Founding Fathers by using primary source material and the actual words of the Founders.

Statue_of_LibertyAmerica, What Now??? 

The recent election and ensuing strife over the way the election was conducted, has resulted in numerous frustrations and fears as to what is to come. With ample evidence that the election was predetermined by sources from within and without the Democratic Party, accepting the results is an anathema to fair minded voters throughout America. Anger, Disbelief, SHOCK, are just a few of the emotions that roiled and took control of our mental and physical being. This is America! Not some far off island ruled by an evil despot. America, with its glorious history of self rule. America, with Truth, Justice and the American Way!  Oh we know America was never perfect, but, ultimately, by en large, She could be counted upon to be fair and equal in the selecting of Her rulers. Not anymore. Any pretense of legality, one man one vote, has permanently become corrupted. How can a candidate stay in his basement for most of the campaign, while his opponent is speaking before massive and adoring audiences, yet garner more votes than anyone in history? Then, when he arises from his underground hiding place, can only muster a scant rabble with horns. Still, the news barkers (aka lapdog media) pronounce this as the MOST clean election of all time. (You might compare that to the most ethical administration of all time, from which he arose.) So, now that this corrupt politician will ascend his throne, with all his cronies, is it over? Are we doomed? Is our beloved Republic forever gone? Will our children suffer as we have never before? Finally, is life as we knew it, now no more than a forgotten wisp of conscience? Maybe so. Could this be happening due to our complacency? Our neglect? Our acceptance of what was once thought to be unspoken in a Christian Society, much less enacted upon? Yes we are angry with what has transpired, maybe rightfully so, however are we not guilty for its implementation? As a Nation steeped in Christian tradition, has that tradition become just that, a tradition? Have we not turned our back on our First Love? Since the Pilgrims, America, as a country, KNEW from Whom our blessings came. That can no longer be said. We glorify sin and praise the evil wherein it resides. The Scriptures, once held sacred, proclaim that God will not be mocked. What we sow will be exactly what we reap. While this election illustrates the depths to which we have succumbed, there is hope. Not in man nor his devices. Not in politicians nor political parties. Not in wishful thinking nor escaping to the solitude of a hidden cave. Our only recourse lies in the narrow path from long ago. A course traversed by men and women seeking relief from a sin-sick world. A relief that provided an answer. An answer that provided all the necessities for a peaceful and restful life, in spite of circumstances.  What is that you say? Trust in the Lord and Proclaim His Truth! In ALL circumstances!!