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Founder's Quotes

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Original Manuscripts

Let's see what facts historical documents dig up.

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ACF Seminar

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Presentations and seminars

ACF Seminar:

The seminar is a mixed media presentation testifying to America's Godly heritage. Highlights include enlightening lecture, reanactment, compelling video clips, and inspirational patriotic music - All reflecting the heart of America.

Seminars are Free, Love offerings are appreciated for furthering this ministry.

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The presentation can be tailored to your needs including focus on individual topics. Contact me for more info and presentation options.


  • America’s Providential History - Tracing our Roots
  • The Belief of the Founding Fathers in Their Own Words
  • Founding Documents: A Christian Influence
  • How is American Law Bible Based
  • Facts to Refute Popular Key Attacks on our Christian Foundation
  • Education in America from Colonial Times to Present
  • Apostasy and the Decline of Christianity in America
  • Our Responsibility & a Proposed Plan of Action

Highlights of the Conference

  • Facing the encroaching falsehoods of Progressive Revisionism
  • Has America forever lost her Godly heritage?
  • Identify biblical doctrines tied to the founding documents
  • What did it cost to "Pledge our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor"?
  • A stirring oration from one of the signers of the Declaration, Abraham Clark
  • Up close and personal look at the man who personified the founding, George Washington
  • Amazing accomplishments of Colonial Education vs the Modern Dewey System
  • Tribute to our fallen soldiers and the ultimate victory in Christ


Essential Items:

Vital knowledge to understanding our Christian Heritage

  • What was the founding fathers’ original intent regarding Separation of Church & State?
  • What is the difference between a republic and a democracy and which did our founders establish?
  • What is the difference between deism and Christianity and what effect does it have on our beliefs?
  • What is natural law (revelation vs. man’s philosophy)?
  • What were the purposes of the documents on which America was founded?
  • Was the revolt that led to the War of Independence biblical or unbiblical?